About Us

We are synaptoid

We are Synaptoids!

TL;DR : We are an Information Technology Solutions & services provider consulting team, helping different businesses across verticals to simplify IT processes. This enables our clients / end users to focus on their goals rather than day to day operations.

Snyaptoids live with client’s problem, connect well with client’s existing knowledge and circumstances, and integrate or suggest different processes with our customized solution

Beyond Platforms . . .

We call it as “platform agnostic approach“, not bound to any specific tools like Python | Java | Angular | React to name a few.

In Synaptoid Environment, Development & Integrations are Fast, Quicker & Customizable.

Beyond development platforms
work with client vs work for client

Work With V/s Work For . .

What you would like to choose? A Team That Works “With You” or A Team That Works “For You” ?

Synaptoids work with Clients, not for “Clients”. That simply translates as if Synaptoid & Client, Both are key part of Our project.

Meaning of "Synaptoid"

“Synaptoid” is derived term from word “Synapse”, The joining gap between two neurons (nerve cells). Synaptoid means something that resembles or functions as “Synapse”.

As a team, We essentially “Connect” various technologies across business domains and deliver the solution.
We call it Synaptoid Approach.

Meaning of synaptoid word